Adoption plan

This is how our adoption plan works.

If you "adopt" a Siloam child you contribute to better living conditions and future chances for a child being cared for with us. Siloam takes care of;

Protection,,  learning norms and values ​​in a Christian environment, healthy foodhealthcare en good education.

In short: a better future for the child. The child that you "adopt" will contact you twice a year with a letter, photos, etc. You also have the option of having contact with the child by writing letters.

You can sponsor a child for 25 dollar per month. The costs for taking care of a child are much higher each month, so there may be several sponsors for a child. Your sponsorship is tax deductible in the Netherlands.

If you want to sponsor a child, you can send an email toemail with your personal details, we will send you the details from the relevant child and the necessary information for sponsoring as soon as possible.

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