The team

The team from Siloam

Robert and Durkje de Vries

Verantwoordelijk voor het werk van Siloam

Responsible for the work of Siloam


Alva de Doelder

A few days a week clothes, food and household goods are distributed to people in the immediate area who need it so badly from the depot across Siloam, Alva is responsible for this. 


Patricia van de Kruk


Patricia is Siloam's driver. She drives all day 6 days a week for groceries and then distributes them again in the neighbourhood. In addition, she collects a lot of donations (clothing, furniture, household goods, etc.). This stuff is then distributed to the people who need it. 


Shuresca Francisca





Helps with homework guidance and does all kinds of chores in the Childcare paviljoen.