Stichting Klein Jeruzalem (Siloam)

Foundation "Klein Jeruzalem (Siloam)"

Foundation "Klein Jeruzalem (Siloam)" (founded by Herman and Bep Gijsbers) is committed to people in need. The region where we are particularly committed is Banda Abou. Foundation "Klein Jeruzalem (Siloam)" is divided into three parts 1. The Children's Care Pavilion where sick children and children that are taken in from harsh and cruel conditions. Siloam offers a safe and warm alternative for these children. 2. Besides the work, we also want to radiate the love of God to those in need. We help the people in the area by handing out donated clothing, items and food to the poor under the name of the Good Samaritan. 3. Refugio di Dios. Refugio di Dios offers a home church every Sunday at 10:00 am on the veranda of the Siloam House.