Stichting Klein Jeruzalem (Siloam)

"Klein Jeruzalem (Siloam)" Foundation

Siloam Curacao is committed to people in need. The region where we are particularly committed is Banda Abou. Siloam Curaçao is divided into three parts 1. The Children's Care Pavilion Here terminally and chronically ill children and children from wretched circumstances are admitted. Siloam offers these children a warm home. 2. Help to our nearest and dearest In addition to the work, we also want to radiate the love of God to the people around us. We do this by helping the people around us by handing out donated clothing, things and food to the poor who need it most. 3. Church services Every Sunday from 10.00 a.m. Siloam provides a house meeting on the veranda of the Siloam house.